SKU: LNG-46519

The back side of these AccuTech™ gauges are sealed and weatherproofed with a tough polymer coating to keep out dirt, dust, and moisture that can make your critical gauge read inaccurately. This can cause severe and unnecessary engine damage.

  • Affordable quality built racing gauges
  • Solid brass CNC machined gears and industry standard mechanisms
  • Viscous damped pointers for steady readings
  • 2 5/8" mechanical gauges with NEW style graphics
  • Gauges come complete with back lights, temp manifold fittings, brackets and self-locking nuts

    Brand: AccuTech™ Sportsman™ 2015
    Style: Analog
    Type: Mechanical Water Temperature
    Size: 2 5/8" diameter
    Case Material: Lightweight metal
    Case Weatherproofed: Yes
    Face Color: White
    Bezel Color: Silver
    Pointer Color: Red
    Range: 100º-280º F
    Capillary Tube Length: 6'
    Gauge Backlights: Yes
    Backlight Replacement Bulb: #53
    Bracket Included: Yes
    Sender Included: No
    Warning Light Included: No