Brake Man Racing Brake Fluid (Case)

SKU: BM007-0577-12


Parts-store brake fluid is not designed to meet the needs of motorsport and performance applications. You would not use standard oils or gas in your race car, why use standard brake fluid? Xtreme racing brake fluid has a dry boiling point of 612 degrees Fahrenheit, and a wet boiling point at over 400 degrees. Since brake fluid is hygroscopic, it absorbs moisture. When it is new, before moisture is absorbed, it boils at the dry boiling point. As it accumulates moisture, its boiling point drops to wet mark. Since our brake fluid has outstanding moisture rejection qualities, it is virtually impossible for the fluid to degrade to the wet boiling point if properly maintained.

For pro racing applications, it is recommended to flush a fresh bottle of brake fluid after each racing event. One bottle of Xtreme fluid before the event will give the driver a great brake pedal all night. Bleeding the system at each caliper after the event removes the fluid that has seen the most heat during the event (near the caliper and rotor) and replaces it with fresh fluid.

 High Performance DOT 5.1 Xtreme Racing Brake Fluid by TBM Brakes is the high-end brake fluid for the most severe applications. Perfect for long races and whenever critical conditions are present, this fluid is the answer. It offers excellent compressibility, slow moisture absorption, and is also compatible will all DOT 3 and 4 brake fluids.

Sold as CASE of 12.