Stow-zall Canopy Net Large

SKU: LF00020-C

Optimum storage and protection for your gear with the one and only Stow-Zall Brand Storage Net!  Keep those tubes, fishing poles and special gear out of the boat and out of the elements with this  easy to install net that spans the width of your canopy.  Available in three popular sizes.  Ships direct from manufacturer.

* Do you have to lug your gear out of your boat and into your boat house or storage shed? 
* Do you worry about your items laying in the boat, visable to all other boaters going by? 
* Do you get tired of the boat being cluttered with all your boating items?
* Have you had your life jackets get moldy? 
* Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions, the Stow-Zall® Storage Net is the perfect solution for you and your "toys". 

This size fits canopy frame widths of 118" up to 120" Widths.